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World Gas and Renewables Review - Second volume

Eni presents the second volume of World Oil, Gas and Renewables Review, annual statistical report now in its 19ᵗʰ edition

by Eni Staff
27 November 2020
1 min read
by Eni Staff
27 November 2020
1 min read

The second volume of the World Oil, Gas and Renewables Review together with the focus on oil and the refining industry of the World Oil Review provides figures and statistics on natural gas, biofuels and modern renewables.

Our 19th World Oil, Gas and Renewables Review observes the emerging decarbonisation trends with the goal of helping to identify the necessary actions to tackle the climate challenge.

This year is also available the pocket version of the entire review in the download section.

Key points of the World Gas and Renewables Review

In 2019 global gas demand has continued to grow for the 10th year in a row, driven by Asia Pacific (+4.3%) and North America (+2.7%). China confirmed itself as the 1st world importer.

Global gas production continued the positive trend with a +3.1% in 2019, despite the decline in Europe (-6.5%), mainly thanks to new LNG plants start-up in US and Australia. During 2019, US became the 2nd world gas exporter after Russia overtaking Qatar.

Big step forward for LNG that now accounts for 38% of total traded gas, gaining 4% share in one single year (34% in 2018).

Solar energy continued to dominate renewable capacity expansion with a yearly increase of 20%, doubling the 10.5% growth recorded by wind.

Asia confirmed its leadership in solar capacity expansion (about 60% of the total in 2019 and China maintained its leadership in solar and wind capacity. 

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Pocket O&Gr 2020

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