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Strategy 2021-2024 & 2020 Results

Friday, 19 February 2021. Boosting our transformation.

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The new Eni

Long-Term Strategic Plan to 2050.

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A collection of essential information available to journalists for the drafting of articles and press releases.

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From technology that transforms wave motion into electricity to the construction of our first wind farm in Kazakhstan. Discover some of our most advanced technologies that will guide us towards the energy transition. Watch the clip, right-click, ‘Save As’ and create your own service.

Our commitment in Italy

Innovation and research have always been features of our company. In Italy, too, where with an aim to decarbonization we are strengthening new business projects, such as those related to renewables an

Eni in Italy


A challenge we must overcome together

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FUTURA#2 – From Waste to Fuel

What if our daily organic rubbish was turned into energy? Thanks to the new Waste-to-Fuel technology...

14 July 2020


Decarbonization, a word that is more and more frequently used when talking about environmental issue...

09 September 2020

WE World Energy - Issues to browse

The international energy magazine, published by Eni.

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Payment of the Interim Dividend 2019

PDF 317.52 KB 18 September 2019 CEST 12:00
PDF 317.52 KB
PDF 663.55 KB

Availability of the Annual Report 2018 and other documents

PDF 280.64 KB 03 April 2019 CEST 11:00
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Payment of the Interim Dividend 2018

PDF 461.07 KB 12 September 2018 CEST 11:00
PDF 461.07 KB

Notice of Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting 2018

PDF 68.28 KB 04 April 2018 CEST 13:00
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Shareholders’ Meeting 10 May 2018 Resolutions

PDF 2.71 MB 10 May 2018 CEST 12:00
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Availability of the Annual Report 2017 and other documents

PDF 168.34 KB 06 April 2018 CEST 14:00
PDF 168.34 KB

Payment of the Interim Dividend 2017

PDF 1.26 MB 07 September 2017 CEST 16:00
PDF 1.26 MB

Shareholders' Meeting 2017 Resolutions

PDF 86.27 KB 07 April 2017 CEST 14:00
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PDF 517.71 KB
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Payment of the Interim Dividend 2016

PDF 93.93 KB 13 September 2016 CEST 10:00
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Shareholders' Meeting 2016 Resolutions

PDF 26.99 KB 06 April 2016 CEST 16:00
PDF 26.99 KB

Availability of the Annual Report 2015 and other documents

PDF 1010.21 KB 08 April 2016 CEST 11:00
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Announcement: publication of documents

PDF 1010.21 KB 08 April 2016 CEST 15:00
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