A history on the cutting edge, from the post-war period to today's challenges

Eni was founded on February 10, 1953 as Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi. The new public body was tasked with rebuilding the Country’s energy policy under the guidance of Enrico Mattei – entrepreneur, member of Parliament and former Partisan Commander. Eni becomes the engine of the Italian economic boom.

From privatisation to the challenges of transition

In 1995, Eni became a publicly traded company, marking the beginning of a path that would make it a global power company, with a strong technological imprint. 

After 2014, new challenges were taken on, beginning the transformation process to meet the energy transition. Our journey continues toward the Net Zero objective, with an approach that takes the entire energy value chain into consideration.

Since 1953, Eni’s history year by year

People’s needs and those of the environment go hand in hand. We look to the future with a book and a website to continue facing tomorrow’s challenges with the same courage as always. Dates, events and archive images, presented in a format that can be browsed by theme.

An evolution based on competitive performance and skills

Eni has always accompanied the country through major economic and social changes, continuing to make its resources available. In keeping with this vocation, a new phase of radical evolution began in 2014, aimed at responding to the challenges posed by climate change and the energy transition. Eni is changing again even more profoundly, embracing and developing all the solutions and technologies required to offer its customers increasingly decarbonized products and services, with an approach that values the entire supply chain. 

Eni’s archive heritage

The archive of a company that has spanned 70 years in the life of the Republic is not only the documentation of Eni's life. It is also an opportunity for a journey through time, customs, history, newspaper clippings, the imaginations and aspirations of Italians.

Historical photo of Eni

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