Our commitment to fighting climate change and protecting the environment

The decarbonization strategy and our overall approach towards environmental protection we apply to every activity.

Towards Net Zero by 2050

We aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, thus contributing to limiting the effects of climate change, thanks to a massive corporate transformation over the medium to long term. We develop circular and sustainable processes that promote the reduction of climate-altering emissions and waste. We promote the preservation of biodiversity. We invest in renewable sources and low-carbon technologies. We define targeted actions for the responsible management of water resources, waste and to reduce occasional oil spills resulting from exploration activities or accidents.


Our programme to protect the environment and reduce emissions

We promote responsible use of resources and are committed to reducing climate-changing emissions through specific actions.

Thanks to the decarbonization technologies we develop, we obtain energy from diversified sources
We work on reducing direct GHG emissions with specific metrics that we subject to verification processes
We initiate nature protection initiatives to increase carbon storage (Natural Climate Solutions)
In our activities, we assess dependencies and impacts on biodiversity and work to preserve the health of ecosystems
The circular economy contributes to the reduction of environmental impact and the potential to generate new business opportunities
The protection of fresh water from aqueducts, groundwater or from the surface is a priority in the sustainable development of our company

A biodiversity special for Eni

Our policy, impact management model, field projects and partnerships for biodiversity conservation.

Our management of water, air, soil and the preservation of biodiversity is based on the criteria of prevention, protection, information and participation. In spreading the culture of environmental responsibility, we directly involve Eni people, suppliers and also local communities.  

Our commitment to the transition

We concretely support a socially just energy transition, aiming to preserve the environment and biodiversity and promote access to energy resources in an efficient and sustainable manner for everyone.

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