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Technological and digital innovation, envisaging our future to get ahead of it

Only technological excellence and digital innovation can help us along the path to decarbonisation.

Innovation brings value

Innovation is the basis of our mission and is a cross-cutting element in our business model. Research, development and the rapid implementation of new technologies, which have always been inherently linked to digital evolution, are the strategic lever with which our company has undergone the transformations that, since 2014, have allowed us to seize the new business opportunities offered by the energy transition. At the same time, innovation is the factor that keeps us competitive in all activities, reducing the risks associated with raw material price fluctuations. The principle of technological neutrality guides us: there is no single solution to achieve the energy transition, but it is necessary to have a technological mix that can be adapted to different applications and needs.

Technological Innovation - the means to achieve Net Zero

In a broader context, technological and digital innovation plays a key role in the transition of the whole energy sector. The Net Zero by 2050 scenario by the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that almost half of the reductions in CO2 emissions will come from technologies that are currently only in the demonstration or prototype phase. Only with a constant commitment to researching and developing new technologies it will be possible to achieve the decarbonization goals shared in the international agreements for the fight against climate change. It is with this awareness that we are also contributing to supporting research in magnetic confinement fusion.

Research and innovation at Eni

Magnetic confinement fusion, the energy that imitates stars

We support research into a safe, sustainable and virtually unlimited energy source that could be developed at an industrial level contributing to the energy mix in the future.

Galaxy seen in the starry sky

A cooperative way of working that thrives on external excellence

In our Research Centers we develop innovative projects thanks to our advanced skills. At the same time, we have adopted an Open Innovation (OI) approach that allows us to carefully study the innovation market, experimenting new collaborations and solutions to meet long-term business needs. OI is an open model of widespread innovation, which is sensitive to stimuli and proposals from external actors. They often come from young people and startup or from leading universities, research institutes, partners and suppliers who offer their knowledge and methodologies for a constructive dialogue with companies. 


Our commitment to all forms of innovation applied to energy finds its recognition in the Eni Award, the prize that we have been awarding since 2008 to those who have distinguished themselves in the field of renewable energy, environmental protection and new technologies for greater efficiency and to carry out the process of transition to decarbonization.

Digitalisation and transformation

For us, digital technology is a consolidated lever that is part of our drive for innovation: computing power, data and artificial intelligence support our energy transition strategy by accelerating the research, development and production process. In particular, our digital technologies:

Increase operational and energy efficiency
Help ensure the integrity of our assets
Increase people safety
Maximise the value of our customer base

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