The Six-Legged Dog: Eni's brand identity and history

This logo has accompanied us since our beginnings. The story of its evolution is a journey into the heart of Eni and the constant pursuit for innovation whilst respecting tradition. It is a path guided by research, by courage, by loyalty to the past that is the basis of our confidence in the future.

From the Boom years to the challenge of sustainability

The identity of the Eni brand in its evolution, from the years of the economic boom after the disasters of war and Fascism to today's challenges for sustainable and accessible energy, combines the excellence of Italian design with the company's permanent vocation for expanding abroad.

It symbolises a corporate philosophy that combines the ability to compete on a global scale with the values of integrity, respect for people and protecting the environment

The six-legged dog that is a man’s best friend on four wheels
Historical photo of Eni

The history of the logo

Enrico Mattei himself in 1952 wanted a competition of ideas and an authoritative jury to devise Eni's logo. Some big personalities took part like Armando Testa and Fortunato Depero, but it was Luigi Broggini, a famous sculptor who registered under a pseudonym out of intellectual modesty, who invented the Six-Legged Dog. And now that dog has been walking alongside Italy for more than 70 years, going through some significant restylings (two signed by Bob Noorda) and yet maintaining its original trajectory: a tension towards the future, in a world undergoing profound transformation, today more than ever.

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