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Today’s crucial challenge in the energy sector is to balance two fundamental needs: to guarantee universal access to energy in a demographically and economically growing world and, at the same time, tackle climate change by accelerating the transition to a more sustainable mix of energy sources.

This is why at Eni we integrate environmental and social sustainability into the industrial plan, accelerating to journey towards carbon neutrality, with decarbonised products and services, to create long-term value through a just transition, which focuses on energy safety and people.

Those investing in Eni help to pursue these objectives by targeting their own resources towards a source of income while supporting a strategy whose aims include fighting climate change and safeguarding the environment and the community.

We work alongside those who believe in our project, and have created this section of the website to offer the possibility to monitor security and performance trends, as well as the company results and our strategies, following them live. As shareholders, investors not only have the right to receive dividends, but can also express their vote at the general meetings, thus taking part in the company’s decision-making processes.

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Information and tools for individual shareholders.

Share capital

The information, documentation and FAQs about the body that plays a fundamental role in the life of the company.

Shareholders' Meeting

The information, documentation and FAQs about the body that plays a fundamental role in the life of the company.

Investor relations

An overview of the information relating to dividends, share management and the date of the next General Meeting.

Financial Calendar 2024

2024 calendar of corporate events.

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