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Compliance Program Consumer Protection & Green Claims

Eni's strategy is strongly and structurally focused on reaching energy transition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and it is inspired, for these purposes, by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this context, Eni's Code of Ethics includes, among its inspiring values, that of managing relations with clients and consumers with transparency and fairness, ensuring complete and transparent information on Eni’s products and services and on their related environmental and social impact.


To this end, Eni has adopted a specific regulatory tool, the ECG Policy - Consumer Protection & Green Claims which constitutes, together with the company's other regulatory tools, the foundation of the Compliance Program Consumer Protection & Green Claims aimed at ensuring correct environmental and sustainability communication by reinforcing awareness of the impact that actions, behaviors, and omissions which violate consumer protection regulations can have on Eni Group companies. 


In this sense, the Compliance Program is committed to fostering the culture of compliance within consumer protection, defining, in a clear manner, roles and responsibilities, information flows and useful tools for the identification and management of activities at risk. And it does so, also thanks to the support of a Compliance function dedicated to assess these aspects.


Eni is also committed to using its influence so that companies and other participated entities, even when there is no control, adopt guidelines similar to those contained in its Consumer Protection & Green Claims Compliance Program and Policy.

In order to ensure continuous improvement, the implementation and continuous updating of the Consumer Protection & Green Claims Compliance Program and Policy are constantly monitored so as to guarantee their adequacy over time.

Last update: 03 July 2024

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