Partnerships with universities, research centres and companies

A network of agreements in Italy and worldwide to share resources and skills in innovation applied to energy.

We collaborate with universities, research centres and companies in Italy and the world to develop new key technology solutions for accelerating the energy transition.

We develop a network of agreements and programmes to share competencies, experience and resources.

The research projects take account of the entire energy value chain, on the basis of three strategic areas:

Operational excellence to improve the efficiency of our plants and activities, guaranteeing high levels of safety and minimal environmental impact.
Carbon neutrality to reduce, transform or store CO₂, promoting a low-emission energy mix.
Circular economy to reduce the use of raw materials, also through recycling, transforming waste into products with added value.

Eni and Commonwealth Fusion Systems, together for fusion energy

We are a strategic partner of the company CFS for the industrial development of magnetic confinement fusion.



with which we collaborate worldwide

active patents

R&D projects



employed in R&D at Eni

Technology for the transition

Technology is the key to decarbonisation. That is why technology is at the heart of our strategy.

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