Katherine, photovoltaic development in Australia

Visualization of the photovoltaic system in the Australian desert

The Katherine photovoltaic farm is the largest facility in the Australian Northern Territory and it is integrated with technologies that ensure optimal performance in all weather conditions. The electricity produced is fed into the grid and distributed to the local market, thus contributing to supporting the decarbonization roadmap laid out by the local Government. 


Australia offers great opportunities for growth in photovoltaics due to its geography and climate.  In addition to continuing our activities in the renewables sector, we are exploring the possibility of launching CO₂ capture and storage projects. 

Project features

Activity start date: 2019 – present


Renewable energy

Eni Australia Limited

Island green power

Project development and operation

Electricity for the local grid thanks to our technologies 

The Katherine photovoltaic power plant has an installed capacity of 34 MW and is equipped with a battery energy storage system with capacity of 6 MW. In addition, the plant is equipped with weather forecasting technology that anticipates possible lower solar irradiation and thus optimises the use of batteries and minimises the impact of production fluctuations on the grid.  Katherine is the largest photovoltaic plant in the Northern Territory of Australia and contributes to the local Government's target of producing 50% of energy from renewable sources by 2030. 

Caring for Country, in Australia the land is the heritage

We have developed a number of initiatives in collaboration with the local communities to promote culture and the environment.

Two Australian men on the beach
Last update: 28 June 2023

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