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Accessibility and Plugin

On this page you can find a range of access functions for the portal.

Some contents on this website require Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in to be installed. Video streaming is mainly provided through Youtube. Please refer to Youtube page for technical information.

On this page you can find a range of access functions for the portal.
In particular, access keys and instructions for personalisation and internet access using different browsers.

Access keys

A number of other tools may be activated, including language change, site search and printing functions.

How to use access keys:

  • with Microsoft Internet Explorer hold down Alt + access key + send
  • with Mozilla hold down Alt + access key

N.B: if the access key is a number, use those below the function keys along the top of the keyboard, not the numerical keypad on the right.

The following is a list of the active access keys on the Eni Portal:

General Access keys

Access key Function
H go to Home Page
T go to Top of Page
B skip menu
E change language
M mail
P print page

Browsing Access keys - chapter selection

Access key Go to Chapter
1 Company
2 Product & Servicies
3 Innovation & Technology
4 Publications
5 Sustainability
6 Customers
7 Media
8 Investor Relations
9 Jobs and Careers

Last updated on 01/02/16