Bir Reeba North, the photovoltaic park in Algeria

solar panel plant in the Algerian desert

We have a 50% stake in the Bir Rebaa North photovoltaic farm in the Berkine Basin in south-eastern Algeria The plant contributes to powering the activities taking place at our fields. A second photovoltaic installation is also under construction with the aim of doubling energy production for the industrial site.  In addition to these, the Solar Lab research laboratory for the study and testing of photovoltaic technologies is already in operation.

Africa has an enormous capacity to generate solar energy, a cheap and renewable source. In Algeria and other countries on the continent, such as Tunisia, Egypt and Angola, we invest in renewable energy projects to make our activities more efficient and sustainable and contribute to the decarbonization of production processes.

Project features

Activity start date: 2018 – present



Eni Algeria Production B.V.


Project development and operation

In the Solar Lab, research helps energy production

The laboratory, which is open to universities and other public institutions for research purposes, has different types of photovoltaic panels to be tested in extreme solar irradiation conditions in southern Algeria to collect and analyse data.

The Solar Lab is identical to an already existing one at the Eni Research Centre in Novara. This enables us to compare the behaviour of photovoltaic devices in two locations with differing irradiation and climate.

Last update: 12 September 2023

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