Technologies for the transition, the core of our commitment

Technology is the key to decarbonisation. That is why technology is at the heart of our strategy.

The energy transition is above all a technological transition that requires strong industrial and innovation capacity, along with a deep focus on social issues.
Claudio Descalzi Chief Executive Officer

We develop technologies for the transition with the aim of accelerating business transformation and continuing on the path towards decarbonisation, thanks to the expertise of our Research Centres in Italy and a network of collaborations for global innovation.

While we develop solutions to accelerate the energy transition, we continue to invest in exploration excellence, developing increasingly efficient and less invasive study and characterization technologies to develop increasingly complex assets.

Technology aimed at yielding solid benefits

According to the technological neutrality principle, there is no single solution to achieve the energy transition, we need a technological mix that can be adapted to different applications and needs. This is why we are developing a wide range of technologies that support the decarbonisation of each sector of the economy and our daily lives. 

An approach that takes the entire value chain into account

Eni's services and products cater to a variety of sectors and markets because each of them needs a specific approach to reducing emissions. Through the combination of advanced technologies, digitisation and contributions from Open Innovation, we support both industrial processes and end customers by taking care of the entire life cycle of a product: we do this from the procurement of raw materials, through the production stage to their final use.

Sustainable B2B

Our integrated model for the decarbonization of small, medium and large companies with ad hoc solutions.

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