Our actions: solid choices for carbon neutrality

Every vision requires tangible actions in order to become a reality. Only this way can we bring energy to the world and make it more sustainable. For us, this means diversifying sources, developing new technologies, collaborating with science and acting on a global horizon.

All our projects are far more than ground-breaking initiatives, they are important steps towards a collective idea of energy innovation, with each project laying the foundation for the next chapter of our story.

Plural energy to satisfy world diversity

We produce energy and take it wherever it is needed, ensuring that it is increasingly sustainable, reliable and affordable. In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 we are undergoing a serious business transformation, which has been made possible through the implementation of the most advanced technologies. Innovating and working together with the scientific world are key to this change and to everything we do. While applying the solutions already available to reduce emissions, such as renewables, bioenergy and CO2 capture and storage, we continue to support research into new sources with revolutionary potential, such as magnetic confinement fusion. Meanwhile, natural gas remains central to our production mix as a support for the energy transition. We do all of this while maintaining a global perspective on the world, forging alliances with the countries that host us to share a path of growth and development, both industrial and social.

At the heart of our commitment

The actions we are implementing in order to solidify our transformation path to achieving Net Zero by 2050 while ensuring access to energy for a growing world population and economy.

Energy diversification

Multiple sources, for one energy. This is also the principle that allows us to realise a transition to sustainable energy for as many people as possible.

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Technologies for the transition

The energy transition first needs a technological transition that contributes to reducing emissions.

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Collaborations for innovation

To accelerate decarbonisation, our network of partnerships involves universities, research centres, technology companies and start-ups in research projects.

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Activities in the world

We are a global company, present in 62 countries where we work with local communities on development and innovation projects.

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