Sustainability: the commitment guiding our actions

We address the challenges and opportunities of the energy world with the aim of achieving environmental sustainability while ensuring energy security, respecting economic and social equity.

Sustainability for us means doing business while safeguarding communities and the environment, contributing to a socially fair energy transition. It's the common thread running through our vision and actions, with the goal of providing increasingly decarbonised energy solutions.

Towards an environmental, social and economic Just Transition

For us, pursuing a Just Transition means working with the 2050 carbon neutrality target, with a view to mitigating costs and sharing the social and economic benefits with workers, suppliers, communities and customers in an inclusive and transparent way. We believe that the transition to a mix of clean energy sources must take into account the different availability of countries in terms of economic resources and geographical conditions. This transition is first of all technological and requires a strong industrial and innovative capacity accompanied by attention to social issues. Our commitment includes tangible actions to reduce emissions associated with our activities and the entire supply chain of the energy products we offer. In our transformation process, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, integrated into our mission, represent an important reference for addressing current challenges and conducting our activities in the countries in which we operate.

How we face the challenges of the energy trilemma

Through our distinctive approach, we address the challenges of what the World Energy Council calls energy trilemma, to achieve environmental sustainability, energy security and economic accessibility. For us, solving the energy trilemma means diversifying our sources geographically and technologically to ensure efficient, secure, affordable and sustainable energy for an ever increasing number of people and the countries in which we operate.

We are embracing the triple challenge of ensuring affordable, reliable and increasingly sustainable energy supplies, essential for the functioning of the economy and society.
Claudio Descalzi Chief Executive Officer

The three pillars of our business model

We combine the principles of environmental and social sustainability according to the three elements of the integrated business model.

Towards the Net Zero goal

Our approach to achieving Carbon Neutrality 2050 looks at emissions generated throughout the life cycle of energy products, with the goal of reaching total decarbonisation of processes and products by 2050. We aim to be an active part of the energy sector transition with a medium- and long-term strategy, helping to keep global warming below 1.5°C. Eni's strategy is based on a transformation plan that relies on the available technological solutions and, at the same time, on the development of innovative technologies.

We generate and spread social value

Actions to implement a Just Transition start from the top management and require everyone’s involvement, resulting in operational excellence. Our ongoing commitment is to valuing people through the promotion of their uniqueness, the development of their skills and the safeguarding of their health and safety. We work to ensure the integrity of assets, and we promote the efficient use of natural resources, the preservation of the environment and biodiversity. We promote human rights, transparency and anti-corruption in all its forms, with a focus on resilience and diversification of activities and financial solidity.


By the side of countries through Alliances for Development

Alliances for development with the countries in which we operate, contribute to the creation of value for all stakeholders and support our actions in line with the National Development Plans and the 2030 Agenda. Within this framework, we promote community initiatives for access to energy, economic diversification, education, community health, access to water and sanitation, and land protection.

Managing sustainability to create long-term value

We contribute to a fair transition through dialogue with stakeholders and our corporate governance system.

Employees discuss around the table on sustainable projects with model wind turbine blades

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Discover the sustainability report that brings together our goals, commitments and achievements for a socially just energy transition.

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