Products, services and solutions for households, transport and businesses

The result of our vision and business is increasingly sustainable energy products, services and solutions that improve the daily lives of millions of people through the work of all our companies which are progressing towards the goal of carbon neutrality.

We are committed to researching new energy sources, as well as optimizing existing solutions towards the production of increasingly decarbonized products, using strategic partnerships that pool together expertise.

Supporting individuals and companies in a more sustainable way

Our commitment is therefore to ensure that our customers are part of the energy transition with us, using zero-emission products by 2050. This is both in their homes, when travelling, and whilst working. We do this by offering energy products, solutions and services that accompany people sustainably throughout the day. To achieve the great goal we have set ourselves together: carbon neutrality by 2050.


A Benefit Company which, with the aim of having a positive impact on the community and the environment, integrates renewable production, energy solutions, and electric vehicle charging points.

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Eni’s company dedicated to the development of a new idea of mobility. A multi-service business created to offer individuals and companies smarter and more sustainable solutions.

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Eni’s chemical company committed to sustainable and circular chemistry to create value for stakeholders and contribute to the energy transition.

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Our challenge to decarbonise the industry

Our position as a leader in the energy transition process is based on an integrated and efficient model that we are also dedicating all the more to the B2B dimension, in order to decarbonise entire industrial sectors such as land, air and water transport. At the same time, our mix of products, services and solutions also ensures that time and resources are optimised:

  • Heavy industry
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Textile
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Public Administration
  • Finance.

Thanks to its diversified know-how and expertise, Eni can support other large companies in their decarbonisation process by proposing a solid transformation model tailored to the needs of individual companies.

We work to improve the efficiency of your home, protecting your health and respecting the environment. We help you avoid wasting energy and have a smaller impact on our planet.
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We are committed to providing you products and services for increasingly decarbonised private mobility.
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We supply products, services and solutions to make road and air transport more sustainable. We aim to reduce emissions by developing proprietary technologies and innovative projects and collaborating with national and international partners.
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We provide businesses with more sustainable energy to make their activities more environmentally friendly. We help companies on their path to the energy transition, providing products that protect the environment and the health of communities.
Services for businesses

Sustainable B2B

Our integrated model for the decarbonization of small, medium and large companies with ad hoc solutions.

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