Our vision: sustainability as a guiding strategy

We are a global energy tech company that aims to produce and sell increasingly decarbonized and customer-oriented energy products and services through the use of the best available technologies and the constant search for cutting-edge solutions.

Why we are a global energy tech company

We operate on a global scale and place innovation at the centre of our strategic vision. We have transformed our businesses by investing significantly in research, development, and the implementation of technologies with the goal of progressively decarbonizing our energy mix and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. 

We have all learned to think and act in a new way, embracing new industrial paradigms, new businesses, with relentless research and innovation, while maintaining a constant focus on integration.

Eni’s satellite model: a distinctive approach

Striking the right balance between investments and returns through a unique organizational and financial strategy.

The energy trilemma’s challenges

We aim to meet each of the pillars of what the World Energy Council defines as the energy trilemma: achieving environmental sustainability while ensuring energy security and economic and social accessibility for all.

This means accessible and sustainable energy thanks to the diversification of sources at the geographical and technological level. Natural gas continues to play a strategic role in our energy mix as a support for the transition process, leveraging the exploration and production activities we carry out in in several countries.

Clean and accessible energy: a visible objective on the horizon if shared

All our actions are aimed at ensuring access to increasingly clean energy for a growing world population.

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