Activities in the world, our commitment to carbon neutrality

Via a packed portfolio of products and services and a system of partnerships with countries and businesses, we work across the world to guarantee safe and diversified energy supplies.

Our global activities and projects

We are a global energy tech company present in 62 countries with more than 32,000 employees.  The values that inspire our mission are reflected in our business model, which is based on the three goals we pursue at global level:

  • carbon neutrality
  • operational excellence
  • promotion of alliances for local development

Natural gas is the focal point of our energy mix and has a key role to play in efforts to achieve the target of Net Zero emissions. At the same time, we also invest in renewable energy, biorefining and decarbonisation technologies, such as the capture and storage of CO2. To help combat the effects of climate change, we aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through an emissions reduction process that involves all of the countries in which we operate, our partners and our suppliers.

Eni in Italy and abroad

We are present around the world with diversified activities and a business model that focuses on the energy transition.

Today it is increasingly important to pool resources and human capital, adopting a broad vision that makes it possible to align behind common goals to reduce the imbalances that exist at geographical level and promote global human progress.
Claudio Descalzi Chief Executive Officer

Our strengths

We collaborate with producer countries and business partners to diversify our sources and offer increasingly decarbonised energy services.


in which we operated up until 2022

Eni people

that work in Italy and abroad


annual natural gas production (2022)


share of natural gas supplied to local markets from fields in which Eni is an operator


annual renewable energy production (2022)


installed capacity from renewable sources in 2022 (vs 1.1 in 2021)

1.1 mln

bio-refining capacity (2022)

Energy transition in Italy

In addition to our traditional business, in Italy we are also focused on the development of renewable energy and the transformation of the company, focusing particular attention on the circularity of processes, energy security and the diversification of supplies.

Eni for 2022. Our alliances for sustainable development

The solid partnerships we build at a global level ensure that we achieve our goals for a fair and inclusive energy transition.

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