Eni's business model

Eni is a global energy company engaged in the exploration, development and extraction of natural gas and oil, power generation from traditional and renewable sources, refining and chemicals. The goal of sustainability incorporates business at every level.

A just transition to create long-term value

The challenges faced by the global energy system are environmental sustainabilityuniversal access to energy and energy security.

Eni recognises the need to be lean and flexible in coping with this trio of energy issues by adopting a model based on diversification of energy types and geographical sources, development of new technologies and the central role of natural gas. In this context, we are leveraging alliances with the countries in which we have been investing for years, focusing our objectives on a socially equitable and just energy transition.

Value creation for stakeholders

Through an integrated presence all along the energy value chain.

Carbon Neutrality at 2050. Products and processes decarbonization
Operation Excellence. Approach to lead the transformation
Alliances for Development. Value creation shared with host countries

Sustainable energy for all: the great challenge for the energy sector

Responding to the energy demands of a world that is growing in economic and demographic terms, and meeting global sustainability commitments. These are both challenging and vital goals for a global energy company. 

Eni aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 as required by the Paris Agreement to keep global warming within the 1.5°C threshold by the end of the century. Our strategic plan aims to achieve an absolute emission reduction of 35% by 2030 and 80% by 2040.  
Prioritising our customers, we strive to offer increasingly decarbonized products and services. And in order to share growth and development with our host countries, since 2019 we have incorporated the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our mission.

The three pillars of our approach

To address the complex challenges posed by the energy transition and support the goal of Net Zero by 2050, we have identified three key elements:

  • Proprietary and breakthrough technologies  that allow us to increase the efficiency of our operations and support the evolution of our company.
  • New business models that focus on customers and provide access to diversified markets.
  • Alliances with stakeholders, including industry partners, institutions, customers, communities, citizens and of course our people, help us develop synergies, solutions and new regulatory frameworks.

In order to increase structural innovation opportunities, we cultivate a network of partnerships with universities, start-ups, venture capital initiatives and public and private institutions, creating a virtuous ecosystem geared to Open Innovation.

The evolution of businesses towards the Net Zero goal

We are speeding up our decarbonization process in order to offer increasingly decarbonized products and services. Here are all our goals by 2050.


installed renewable electricity capacity (100% Plenitude)

160 k

stations for electric vehicles (100% Plenitude)


total CO₂ storage capacity (Equity Eni including CCUS services for third parties)

>20 mln

portfolio (100% Plenitude)

gas share

of Upstream production

Eni for 2022. How we support development and carbon neutrality

Targets, strategies, projects, and results for a just energy transition

Our commitment to sustainability

We address the challenges and opportunities of the energy world with the aim of achieving environmental sustainability while ensuring energy security, respecting economic and social equity.

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