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Accessible energy

We support a transition that gives everyone access to reliable and sustainable energy through secure supplies of sources and the use of technologies that support the decarbonization process.

The need to ensure access to energy for a growing world population and the urgent need to tackle climate change are major challenges in the global energy scenario.

The global scenario poses clear challenges: containing the rise in global temperature and ensuring reliable, low-cost and sustainable energy for a world population that is expected to exceed 9 billion by 2040.
Claudio Descalzi Chief Executive Officer

Thanks to our distinctive approach, we can effectively face the challenges of what the World Energy Council calls the energy trilemma, which aims to achieve the following goals at the same time:

Environmental sustainability
Energy security

In our vision, solving the energy trilemma means diversifying sources geographically and technologically to ensure accessible and sustainable energy for an ever-growing number of people. 

These are essential preconditions for development. In the countries where we operate, we invest in initiatives that promote access to efficient and sustainable energy, also through the maximum development of renewable energy production. 

Our solutions for technological neutrality

The best way to face the energy transition is to use all available technologies to reduce emissions, selecting the most appropriate ones for each industrial, social and economic context.

The role of natural gas in the energy transition

Gas is the fossil fuel with the lowest carbon footprint and, alongside renewables, it can support the progressive decarbonization of energy production.

Eni for 2023. A Just Transition

Browse our voluntary sustainability report. Stories, case studies and testimonials on Eni's contribution to an increasingly sustainable, secure and affordable energy.

eni for just transition

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