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Eni shares

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Eni stock code

All shares listed on the Italian Stock Exchange are distinguished by an alphanumeric code that is valid internationally – an ISIN (International Securities Identification Number). For Eni shares the ISIN code is IT0003132476.

In addition to the ISIN code, Eni shares have two additional codes for the UK market (SEDOL 7145056) and the US market (CUSIP: 26874R108). Shares are also identified with an abbreviation or ticker that varies depending on the market: the abbreviation for Eni stocks listed on the Italian Stock Exchange is ENI.

Depending on the financial news agencies (Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.), the suffix of the abbreviation may vary, according to the following: 

Code number for Eni shares

Agency Italian Stock Exchange (Eni Shares) New York Stock Exchange (Eni ADR)
Reuters ENI.MI E
Bloomberg ENI IM E.US

Eni and the markets 

Eni is listed on the Borsa di Milano and the New York Stock Exchange. In these pages you will find the intraday trading of Eni shares on the Milan stock exchange and other useful information for investors: dividends, stock code, access to the interactive annual report. 

The privatisation of Eni

Privatisation is the economic process of moving the property of a state-owned company into private hands. Eni's began in 1995. In little more than two and a half years, the Ministry of Treasury placed about 63% of Eni's capital on the market, in the form of four privatisation offerings, for total takings of more than 41,000 billion lira (more than 21 billion euros), which was at the time the biggest overall amount ever taken by any government on continental Europe in exchange for a single company.

More and more savers among the public signed up to Eni's offerings, numbering about 194,000 for the initial public offering (IPO) and 1.7 million for Eni 4. Employees made a decisive contribution to the success of the various slices, with 30,000 signed up for the IPO (40% of shareholders) and 41,000 to Eni 4 (70%). In February 2001, 5% of the social capital was placed in institutional investors at a rate of 6.8 euros per share (before grouping), for total takings of 2.720 million euros. 

Data on Eni share placements

1995 1996 1997 1998 2001(2)
Offer price (euro/share 5.42 7.4 9.9 11.8 13.6
Number of shares placed (milions) 601.9 647.5 728.4 608.1 200.1
- of which through bonus shares 1.9 15 24.4 39.6
Percentage of share capita (1) (%) 15 16.2 18.2 15.2 5
Proceeds (mn euro) 3,254 4,596 6,869 6,714 2,721

(1) Refers to share capital at December 31, 2004.

(2) On June 1, 2001 Eni Shareholders' Meeting resolved to convert the nominal value of Eni shares into euro and to group two shares of nominal value 0.5 euro into one share with nominal value one euro.

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