Open Innovation, working together for faster results

We transform ideas into projects and technologies to accelerate the transition towards a zero-emission future.

Working together in order to grow

In order to achieve net-zero products and services, we rely on the expertise of our people, a wide range of technologies and the knowledge we have acquired in lots of engineering and scientific sectors. At the same time, we listen to the outside world in order to identify the most cutting-edge solutions in other contexts, forging partnerships with universities, research centres and tech companies, and with small but dynamic organisations like startups.


Thanks to this process that has gained traction over the years, today we preside over the different Open Innovation models and foster dialogue with different stakeholders, with the availability of a diverse internal ecosystem that integrates the Open Innovation approach into the different business processes.


Thanks to our integrated approach, we have been confirmed, also in 2022, among the 100 TOP Corporate Startup Stars, included among the 50 companies in the world that have been awarded the "Open Innovation Challengers" award, promoted by ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) and Mind the Bridge. The Corporate Startup Stars Awards, now consolidated at an international level, was established in 2016 by the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) platform of the European Commission to recognize the companies most active in the field of Open Innovation and collaboration with innovative startups.

Open Innovation & Ecosystems Development, digital and technological innovation solutions

With this business function, we come up with the best digital solutions globally by participating in tech world events on key innovation topics with an ongoing and evolving activity we have called Innovation Discovery.


We value the ideas, projects and technologies that arise from the combination of internal and external skills and research. We are present in major global innovation ecosystems and we catch onto the latest trends.

The areas in which we operate

Our Digital Open Innovation activities regard workplace safety, the integrity of operating assets, energy transition technologies and the implementation of tools and processes for providing precision services to consumers. Here are some of the priorities in the sectors in which we operate.

Guarantee and improve the safety of employees and all people in our production sites and offices.
Optimise the performance of our assets, assess them and prevent periods of inactivity, and maximise their value.
Improve the consumer experience in our service stations using innovative digital tools.
Facilitate the development and adoption of new technologies or processes that aid the transition towards a more sustainable energy industry.
Increase the productivity and efficiency of processes and guarantee all workers advanced digitalised services and workplaces

Most recent results

Our main achievements in 2022 thanks to Open Innovation initiatives.


innovative solutions identified


for startups launched by Eni every year


involved in our incubation and acceleration programmes


launched with startups


innovation ecosystems overseen by Eni in North America, Israel, Europe and Africa

We develop the value of hidden data

Our Hidden Data Lab, created with Ammagamma, experiments with a new approach to innovation through data analysis, not only to respond to documented requirements but also to identify and anticipate latent needs. Data science has an increasingly important role in companies because it makes it possible to take better decisions, acquire a comprehensive overview of performances, solve complex problems, improve processes and understand customer behaviour. Our Hidden Data Lab is at the frontier of this discipline and adopts an explorative approach in which data, both internal and acquired externally, is used to identify the real questions we should be asking. 

Identifying innovation

The scouting of startups and new trends and the integration of new working methods play a key role in Open Innovation activities, generating added value.  Through an innovation outpost centre and the Open Innovation bootcamp, in Silicon Valley we collaborate with the world’s most important innovation ecosystem to identify new trends that could have a significant impact on the energy sector.

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