Our training paths

We strongly believe in the value of combining the knowledge of educational institutions with corporate know-how.

With Eni Corporate University, we are committed to developing managerial and technical skills, believing deeply in the value of integration between the knowledge of educational institutions and the know-how of companies. For this reason, we invest in a structure that combines tradition and innovation to contribute to developing skills and promoting our values.


Among our many initiatives are our Master's programmes, notably:

  • The MEDEA Master's.
  • The MiNDS Master's in Natural Resources Development and Storage.
  • The Master's in Energy Innovation.
  • The GEMS Master's in Geoscience for Energy
  • The Master’s in Next-Gen Nuclear Power: Fusion and Advanced Reactors.

We also offer Master's Degrees, cross-functional skills and career guidance programmes in collaboration with schools and international training programmes, as well as several activities related to corporate training.

Our Master's programmes

We develop training programmes in partnership with Italian universities, using innovative learning methods and putting the individual first to integrate education with the skills that will be required by companies in the future.

Group of master's students in the classroom

The Master's Degree Courses we support make our knowledge available to students

We share our technical knowledge with several Italian universities so that it can be integrated into the curricula of Master's Degree courses, so that today's students can become our people in the future.

In what other ways do we support students?

We support your university career, especially at its most crucial stages, by helping you with your dissertation and giving you the opportunity to do an internship with us.

Our international training courses: reaching out in order to grow

We collaborate with foreign universities to offer highly specialised training courses to develop countries and communities.

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