Renewable energies for carbon neutrality

We make use of skills and technologies in the research and development of energy from different sources to make our activities around the world more sustainable.

As a global energy tech company, carbon neutrality is at the heart of our goals to offer customers products, services and solutions that are increasingly decarbonised. This means for us working in our Research Centers to support the Net Zero target we have set ourselves, also by putting renewable energy at the center of a diversified energy mix and expanding their possibilities of use.

How our energy production from renewable sources is growing

We are constantly increasing capacity in renewables to support the energy transition towards Net Zero targets.

The areas of our renewable energy research

We integrate highly qualified multidisciplinary skills with Research Centers in Italy to develop technological solutions for extracting energy from the sun, wind, and sea. Here are the main areas in which we are involved.

Concentrating solar power for electricity and heat production
Traditional silicon photovoltaics
Innovative perovskite photovoltaics
Photovoltaics and offshore wind power
Wave energy
Electrical and thermal storage

Our innovative technologies for the renewables

We convert wave energy into electricity through an inertial system and produce thermal energy through Concentrating Solar Power (CSP).

Electricity from sea waves

The floating system converts wave energy into electricity.

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Solar thermal energy

We are developing new technological solutions to produce heat from sun rays in a more effective, more versatile and cheaper way.

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