Actions for protecting biodiversity

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Biodiversity plays a fundamental role in the well-being of people and the planet. Maintaining healthy ecosystems rich in biodiversity reduces environmental risks and facilitates the growth of productive activities and the development of cultural, recreational and tourism services. In a biodiversity-rich environment, processes such as carbon absorption, water quality regulation, erosion control, pollination and the production of renewable raw materials (such as wood and biomass for energy, food and fibre) are favoured. Eni's approach reconciles its operations with the protection of biodiversity by ensuring that the interrelationships between environmental aspects (such as climate change, water availability and quality) and social issues (such as the sustainable development of local communities), are identified and effectively managed in local areas and throughout the life cycle of our projects.

The biodiversity special

Our policy, impact management model, field projects and partnerships for biodiversity conservation.

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Discover the sustainability report that brings together our goals, commitments and achievements for a socially just energy transition.

Protecting UNESCO sites

We do not carry out hydrocarbon exploration and development activities within the boundaries of natural sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. We are committed to the conservation of biodiversity through the adoption of our management model, in line with our Policy on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. When we work in joint ventures we do not operate, we are committed to promote with our partners the development and adoption of good management practices in line with our BES Policy.

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