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Reserved area

Access to the reserved area of the portal is restricted to employees, suppliers, other categories and authorised users.

The different forms of authentication are:

Web Password

When you click on Web Password, a Login grid will appear where you should input your User ID and Password for access to the reserved area.

If you have received an email with instructions for access to the reserved area of the eni portal, click on the key icon and insert the User ID and Password provided.


Staff Access

Staff Access is only available for users who are employees of Eni.

If you are not able to get direct access, an authentication grid will appear like the one shown.


RSA Secure ID

You can access the portal with an RSA Secure ID token provided by Eni. To authenticate your access, insert your User ID and, in the Passcode box, your PIN followed by the number that appears on the screen.

Additional information is available in the manual that was supplied with the Token.


X-509 Certificate

Access to certain applications requires the use of X.509 certificates, installed on a Token USB, Smart Card or workstation. If the certificate is installed on your workstation, you will be asked to insert your Web Password as an additional form of authentication.

If you are using a Token USB or Smart Card you will have to insert your PIN. Should you not have a certificate, or if your certificate is not valid, the message “Access Denied” will appear.

Protection warning

During the authentication process and Protection Warning may appear to indicate that your browser does not recognise Eni as certifiably reliable.

In this case, you should install the Eni certificate, issued by the Sofid Certification Authority, following the instructions in the manual .

Click here to download the Eni CA certificate.

The Fingerprint (SHA-1) of the Eni Certificate is: C274 9AF1 5CCC C763 7665 0BC8 FDC0 7585 7050 6953.

Password policy

  • must contain a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 14 characters
  • must be different from previously used passwords
  • may use letters, numbers and special characters


For assistance or any other information, please click here.

Eni Certificate V.2

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