Fusione di nuclei di idrogeno

Fusion milestone: CFS super-magnet passes the test

Commonwealth Fusion Systems – an MIT spin-out – has tested the prototype of the first ReBCO super magnet, which is capable of confining plasma at over 100 million degrees.

Centrale nucleare

Collaboration between Eni and MIT in Boston

The strategic collaboration between Eni and MIT began in 2008 and spawned unique technologies in the field of sustainability.

PEOPLE#2 - Piacere, Angelo | Eni Tv

PEOPLE#2 – Meet Angelo

This 27-year-old technician and researcher has just won the Boston MIT Technology Review prize for y...

14 July 2020

We are an energy company

We concretely support a just energy transition, with the objective of preserving our planet and promoting an efficient and sustainable access to energy for all.

Pala eolica nel mare

Renewables at the centre of our strategy

Green energies, so called because they come from renewable sources like solar, wind and wave motion, are increasingly present in our activities, as they are essential to achieving carbon neutrality.


Partnerships that help us grow

We develop our knowledge by working with leading Italian and international scientists.

These are our partnerships with universities and research centres around the world.

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