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Supporting culture in the Republic of Congo

Congolese boys inside the museum as they look at artwork

A variety of initiatives have been launched in the Republic of Congo, to promote culture and art. The opening of the Congolese art museum Le Cercle Africain in Pointe-Noire in 2018, the expansion works of the Memorial dedicated to the explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza in Brazzaville, and the launch of the cultural centre in Makoua are some of the projects from us undertaken to add value to people and communities.

We operate in the Republic of Congo in the exploration and chemical and agri-business sectors. We are focusing our community support activities on fair and sustainable access to energy, with the construction of the Djéno (CED) and Congo (CEC) power plants. We promote access to education and professional training with the Hinda Integrated Project.

Project features

Activity start date: 2013 – present

The Republic of Congo

Territory protection
Territory protection

SDG 4 Education 
SDG 17 Partnership for Development


Project actions and objectives

Cultural centres dedicated to art and history

In the Republic of Congo, we contribute to the promotion of culture in synergy with local institutions, with the aim of consolidating our alliances for development. The Musée Cercle Africain, sponsored by UNESCO, is the first art gallery opened in the city of Pointe-Noire. The spaces, renovated and furnished by Eni, are occupied by exhibition halls, permanent and temporary collections dedicated to ritual art, painting and photography. The works on display are entirely created by Congolese artists. Workshops are also held within the space, such as the photography laboratory organised in 2023, dedicated to the promotion of amateur artists. Organised to celebrate the founding of Pointe-Noire in 1921, it hosted the most representative shots of the city. The Memorial, dedicated to Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, an explorer who gave his name to the city of Brazzaville, capital of the Republic of Congo, has undergone expansion works. The cultural space is equipped with a fully equipped auditorium with over 600 seats, a library, an exhibition hall, a shop, green spaces and other facilities. The multicultural centre in the city of Makouan is mainly used for vocational training. The facility has a library, a conference room, a reading centre and an internet point. In the heart of Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, lies the Memorial dedicated to Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, a French explorer of Italian origin, who gave his name to the city. After the expansion works, the cultural space, is now equipped with an auditorium with over 600 seats, a library, an exhibition hall, a shop, green spaces, and other services. 

A photographic workshop for the 100th anniversary of Pointe-Noire: photogallery

A workshop dedicated to up-and-coming Congolese photographers of different ages and backgrounds. This is what Eni Congo and the Musée du Cercle African organised to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the city of Pointe-Noire. A way of reaffirming Eni’s commitment to supporting cultural initiatives and projects in the countries where it is present. The aim was to enhance the participants' technical vision and creativity in representing the most interesting areas of the city. After almost eighty candidates responded to a call for participation, a selection made by the professionals involved in this training project led to a final selection of twenty-two. They were then supervised by a technical team of professional photographers from Italy and a local studio. The Musée du Cercle African is the only museum in Pointe-Noire. It was renovated by Eni Congo in 2017 and handed over to the State on 3 December 2018. It has rooms hosting permanent and temporary exhibitions and is also used for film screenings as well as theatre, music and dance performances.

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