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Editorial publications

Communication tools contribute to narrating our identity. Magazines and books provide accurate insights on the path we are following.

The communication tools that talk about us

Photographs documenting the evolution of the energy sector. Stories from countries and projects. Magazines to stay up to date about the world of energy. Communication, and publishing in particular, has always played a central role in our society. This role has become even more important today, thanks to the new tools and opportunities provided by technology.

Eni has always recognised the importance of the media and has made full use of their potential to communicate its activities in a direct and effective way. Every book, every magazine tells something about us. It describes where we started from and, more importantly, what we are today and what we want to be tomorrow. This diversification in communication runs parallel to the diversification of energy sources. Eni offers a collection of publishing products designed to reach everyone and provide a full understanding of the world in which we operate, simply but effectively.

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