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Creating long-term value, taking care of the environment, our people and their safety and strict financial discipline all underpin our commercial strategy.


Strategy Presentation - Friday, 28 February 2020

Fact Sheet

PDF 165.81 KB 31 January 2020 CET 11:05
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2019 Third Quarter Results

PDF 1.04 MB 25 October 2019 CEST 07:45
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Fact Book 2018

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PDF 7.34 MB

2019 Second Quarter Results

PDF 1.15 MB 26 July 2019 CEST 11:45
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2019 First Quarter Results

PDF 1.92 MB 24 April 2019 CEST 15:45
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Eni for 2018 - Our sustainability report

PDF 13.08 MB 20 May 2019 CEST 00:00
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Results and presentations

Presentations made to institutional investors and financial analysts by Eni’s top management.


Results and reports

Eni’s financial documents, available to browse or download in PDF format.

Investor relations

Our investors can trust us. Through the provision of accurate data and evolving insight, they have a path to follow and a reason to choose Eni.


Our transformation since 2014

Debt reduction, increasing production and new ways to diversify our company.

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Tools at your disposal

Financial, economic and operational data presented in tables and made interactive, for desktop and mobile.


If you are a Private Investor you can receive more information by calling the toll free number:
from Italy 800 94 09 24 from outside Italy 800 11 22 34 56 [the Toll-Free Number must be preceded by the International Access Code (+)].
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