First Quarter 2023 Results

Conference call and Q&A, Friday 28 April. 


2023 Shareholders' Meeting

Eni’s Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting was held on Wednesday 10 May, in Rome.

Strategy Presentation ENI

Financial Results and Reports

Eni's Top Management presentations and financial documentation for institutional investors and financial analysts.

Fact Book 2022

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Fact Sheet

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Annual Report 2022

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Fact Book 2021

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Eni Retail + Renewables: a unique proposition

PDF 1.51 MB 09 September 2021
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The Eni investment case

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Eni's interactive Annual Report 2022

Eni's interactive Annual Report 2022

Browse through figures that clearly show the results of our commitment to Net Zero targets.

Goccia di rugiada

Leader in ESG ratings

Eni has been ranked highly for its Environmental, Social and Governance activities (ESG) by the main ESG evaluations.


Individual investors

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