Collaborations for innovation

Our network of partnerships involves universities, research centres, technology companies and startups, to accelerate decarbonisation.

The skills of our people are enriched thanks to a network of innovation partnerships in Italy and abroad and the constant dialogue between our internal resources and leading external organisations. Our partnerships involve universities, research centres, technology companies and startups, and lead to the implementation of tangible projects to accelerate the decarbonisation process.


Using our experience and knowledge of the engineering and scientific sectors, we support emerging ideas with the aim of developing them on an industrial scale and creating long-term value. For this reason we have adopted shared methodologies in order to identify areas of improvement and benefits.

The two dimensions of our innovation partnerships

We pursue research projects with a whole host of partners in order to develop multiple ideas and solutions.

Partnerships with universities, research centres and companies

A network of agreements in Italy and worldwide to share resources and skills in innovation applied to energy.

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Open Innovation, working together for faster results

We transform ideas into projects and technologies to accelerate the transition towards a zero-emission future.

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Innovative projects and skills are enriched by a network of seventy national and international universities and research centres and by opening up to the market and startups, in Italy and abroad, through Open Innovation activities.

Most recent results

Most important results achieved in 2022 thanks to our innovation agreements


joint research projects launched with startup companies


involved in our incubation and acceleration programmes


university scholarships granted by Eni


research doctorate scholarships funded and co-funded by Eni

Research & development, the combined strength of people and technology

The constant dialogue between internal expertise and external excellence to improve the energy of the present and prepare the energy of tomorrow.

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