Rethinking the future: our Open Innovation model

In an age of significant transformation, large companies know that research and technological and digital innovation are essential resources for tackling the challenges they face, especially in a key sector such as energy, but it is also essential to find new approaches so that these resources produce the desired results.

As far back as 2003, the economist Henry Chesbrough noted that closed innovation, i.e. the development of new technologies within a closed business environment, was not a winning formula. This method proved unsuitable to respond to the current need for technological development, so Chesbrough proposed the opposite strategy: open innovation.

This approach involves a more open attitude towards stimuli from outside the individual company. They often come from young, successful start-ups or from leading universities, research institutes, suppliers, developers, programmers and consultants, who offer their knowledge and methodologies for a constructive dialogue with companies.

This creates a vibrant research environment in which the experience of the various players contributes to the development of projects that can lead to a spillover, a growth that generates positive spin-offs beyond its scope of action.
Within this dynamic, companies connect the resources of their teams with those of the most attractive national and international companies to transform innovative ideas into cutting-edge solutions. This also triggers a positive process that favours the growth of a country's entire social and economic system.

The case of Eni is an example of this.

Digital Open Innovation, Joule and other Eni’s initiatives

Eni has always valued the skills of its experts, thanks to whom important proprietary technologies have been developed that have also led to the acquisition of beyond 7,000 patents.

At the same time, the company has launched several new projects aimed at a research and development model parallel to the more traditional one, thus managing to combine its experience and importance established in this sector with the will to build up an open dialogue with new centres of technological excellence. This is how the spillover mechanism takes shape, which then benefits the economy and society as a whole.

Moreover, Eni actively participates in the most important international open innovation events, through which it organizes Innovation Discovery operations, real scouting activities aimed at finding technological players and projects of potential interest. This allows Eni to improve its competitiveness by tapping into the best global solutions.

The expertise acquired by the Eni group in this field has enabled it to develop its own methodologies to carry out fruitful Digital Open Innovation initiatives, which develop that develop knowledge complementary to the company's own expertise and foster the growth of the national ecosystem. The new solutions are sought to support the company's business and relate to the areas of energy transition, circular economy, health, climate change and the consumer world, considering Eni's constant focus on providing increasingly accurate services for its customers. 

Eni also promotes the success of young startuppers through Joule (italian), the business school with its training and acceleration programmes. The initiative was created to encourage projects by young people who are committed to building a model of entrepreneurial growth based on the ecological transition, decarbonization and circular economy.
Ideas can be developed in a wide range of fields, from food and beverages to fashion and the school offers several different programmes to create a strong business ecosystem that can contribute to lasting and shared growth.

These Open Innovation initiatives are complementary to those implemented by Eni Next, Eniverse, eniSpace and all of them contribute to Eni's strategy to achieve its carbon neutrality targets. These are essential steps towards leaving an increasingly sustainable footprint on the world. 

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