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In Kenya, agri-hubs for more sustainable mobility

Woman in castor field

Texts and images in the photobook chronicle the creation of a network of agrihubs in Kenya, where vegetable oils are produced from drought-resistant crops such as castor beans, and from agro-industrial waste, which, once transported to the Gela biorefinery and processed, becomes biofuels. The goal is to reduce transport-related greenhouse gas emissions while opening up new economic prospects for local farmers and regenerating marginal and degraded land. At the same time, we provide training and technical support to farmers, with high-grade seeds, agricultural inputs and the adoption of better farming practices. As a whole, the project in Kenya is a tangible example of how companies can make a significant contribution to local development by creating new job opportunities and market access. It is a sustainable and distinctive model to contribute to the decarbonisation of transport, which we are replicating in other countries to build a better present and future.

A new dawn: Eni's path to sustainable energy

The book describes Eni's initiatives in Kenya to create a unique development model for the production of biofuels.

We are certain that a new path is possible to reduce emissions in the transports and we are already walking that path, leveraging innovative solutions like here in Kenya.

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