Business areas

We have been present in the country since 1968, in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and Texas. We operate in the E&P, Global Gas & LNG, G&P and R&M and Chemicals sectors and in the development, investment and operation of renewable energy plants.

Domestic crude marketing and trading
Through our commitment to the oil markets,  ETS commercializes  the entire eni crude production in the Gulf of Mexico and in Alaska and trades most crude oil grades from third parties.
Thanks to its ability in energy price risk management, ETS provides services to refineries and crude oil producers to mitigate the risk of  market volatility.

Exploration & Production
Eni US Operating Co. Inc. (Eni US) has been operating in the U.S. since the late 1960’s and carries out oil and natural gas exploration and production in the following areas: Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and Onshore Texas.

International crude cargo marketing
Eni Trading & Shipping Inc is marketing Eni’s worldwide portfolio in the Americas, supplying and trading  US crude oil grades to  Eni’s refining system and third party clients.

Refining & Marketing
Eni North America operates in the areas of North America through  direct and indirect channels in the  lubricants market. Eni products  are manufactured in Cabot, Pennsylvania and are sold through the distribution and direct sales in the markets of automotive, heavy duty, industrial, marine, motorcycles, and metalworking.

Renewable Energies
Eni New Energy US Inc. is active in the development, investment and operation of large and utility scale renewable energy plants.  In December 2019, Eni signed a strategic agreement with Falck Renewables North America Inc. to create a joint platform (Novis Renewables) for developing renewable energy projects in the United States for the next years.

Eni operates in North America in the trading  activities through its US incorporated company Eni Trading & Shipping Inc. (ETS).
As part of ETB, Eni‘ sole dedicated oil&products trading arm, thanks to our unique interface to the market, Ets Inc is actively  involved  in the following  areas:

Trading of refined products and components 
Specialized on logistic and  international cargoes arbitrage to and from Americas,  ETS Inc trades many qualities of refined petroleum products and  blend  refinery components to meet market need  also throught the use of storage infrastructure.

Last updated on 21/10/21