Eni Corporate University

Students in the classroom during class

Training and development has been fundamental in Eni, right from the company’s foundation. Eni’s founder, Enrico Mattei, placed his trust in the contribution that people could make to the company’s growth. For him it was an essential part of the secret of Eni's success, due to the speed with which he managed to set up and put in place a formidable network of technical specialists and managers. In 2001, Eni Corporate University (ECU) was founded to carry out training activities and ensure that the company’s culture was consistently and correctly developed and shared. 

The goal is to provide continuous training programmes that focus on the individual and employ the most innovative learning methods to strengthen and develop our people's skills.

Why training and development is important for our people

We firmly believe in training, investing in the most innovative training programmes for the development of technical and managerial skills and to promote the sharing of our company’s values.

We promote and develop advanced training courses with Italian and international universities and carry out introduction and cross-functional skills courses for schools (School Work Experience). We also carry out knowledge management initiatives in Eni's business and professional areas, providing specialist support for designing and implementing projects for the dissemination and development of skills and strategic know-how.

The importance of expertise for our people

We invest in innovative programs for the development of technical and managerial skills and the dissemination of our values

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