Research alliances and collaborations

Research alliances and collaborations

Eni focuses on synergies between science and industry by collaborating with leading universities and research centres in the globe.

Eni collaborates with leading universities and advanced research centres around the world as a way of reflecting, on a scientific level, the values that inspire how the company operates: innovation, internationalisation and excellence. The combination of academic knowledge and business pragmatism is for us a winning approach, as well as one that is increasingly essential to face challenges in a global context.

In 2008, we established a strategic alliance with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA, an arrangement which was renewed in 2013 and in 2017. This collaboration has produced over 100 scientific publications and numerous patent applications. In 2010, this relationship produced the Solar Frontiers Center, a centre of excellence for Eni research on solar technologies, one of the most important results of this alliance. Another important partner is Stanford University in California, with which we are engaged in two technical-scientific areas: the development of advanced technologies for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons and new methods for environmental protection.

Eni and Mit: forging ahead together to produce the energy of the future

Ten years of collaboration between Eni and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has seen the development of innovative technology and excellent results in the fields of renewables, the environment and safety in the workplace. The next challenge is nuclear fusion, in which MIT has a long and esteemed record for research. On 9 March this year, we signed an agreement with Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), a spin-off from MIT, that will see us acquire a stake in CFS to develop the first plants to produce energy through nuclear fusion – a safe, sustainable and virtually unlimited energy source that does not produce any pollutants or greenhouse gases.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Eni - MIT alliance, a workshop has been organised for the 12th and 13th June to take stock of the most recent research in order to promote and market these technologies.


Eni and MIT together for fusion power

Eni-MIT: research in the Upstream sector

Eni and MIT: forging ahead together to produce the energy of the future

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