Brand Identity

Eni has a story that began sixty years ago, made of conquests, and of men and dreams; an ongoing story, because there is always a dream to realize.
Today more than ever Eni is a close, open and dynamic company. And its core values are sustainability, culture, partnership, innovation and efficiency.

These values represent the ability to develop and grow in an open system where everybody can talk, because the sharing of ideas is the only way to achieve innovation. Ideas and different perspectives to better understand the present and imagine the future together. The philosophy of eni: open energy.

This philosophy is communicated throughout the world by a symbol, the six-legged dog. Born in an Italy that had just re-emerged after the war, and that in subsequent decades grew significantly, it represents the heritage of us all and is part of the memory of the entire country. Over the years, the trademark has also evolved, and our country has become the whole world, and it is this sense of openness that the new logo aims to express.

The trademark now represents not only the activities and the strategy of a large group, but its deep roots in the territory and culture: a value to be promoted and supported, in all its forms.


Last updated on 20/07/15