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Eni and the University of Pisa sign a joint research agreement (JRA) to strengthen their partnership

29 October 2022 - 3:00 AM CEST

San Donato Milanese (Milan) - Pisa, 29 October 2022 – Eni and the University of Pisa signed a joint research agreement (JRA) today that will consolidate their partnership and extend their collaboration to other topics of common interest, in which the University of Pisa has recognised excellence. These include metallurgy, new applications of ionic liquids, aerial and submarine robotics, biofuels, information technology and new additives for lubricants.

The agreement, which was signed by Eni’s Director of Technology, R&D & Digital Francesca Zarri, and Dean Paolo Maria Mancarella, will be valid for five years and thanks to the joint work of researchers from Eni and the University, will enable the development of increasingly innovative products and processes as regards energy transition and decarbonisation.

Eni has been working with the ‘Ionic Liquids Group’ at the University of Pisa for several years to develop innovative solutions applicable in various business areas, including the separation of acid gases (H2S and CO2), the extraction of bio-oil from algal mass, and the treatment of sulphur.

The collaboration also extended to the development of advanced algorithms for subsurface analysis and polymer synthesis.

This new JRA enriches Eni's network with many universities and research centres both in Italy and abroad in the pursuit of Eni's strategic goals concerning carbon neutrality, the circular economy and operational efficiency.

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