We operate in Mozambique, principally in the Exploration & Production sector with the support of proprietary e-dva™ seismic processing technology. In line with the so-called “Mattei formula”, a medium to long-term programme has been defined to support local communities and, consistent with the principles of the UN Guide for Business and Human Rights, with the support of the Danish Institute for human rights, an assessment has been carried out of possible impacts on human rights of the planned gas development projects in the country.

Exploration & Production

Eni has been present in the country since 2006 and is operator, with a 50% stake, of exploratory Area 4 in the offshore Rovuma basin. This is a new frontier for global hydrocarbon industry thanks to the extraordinary gas discoveries that have been made following an intense exploration campaign in a period of just three years. To date, resources in place have been detected of up to 2,500 billion cubic metres, located in different sections of the area. In October 2015, Eni was awarded the operatorship of the offshore exploration block A-5A (Eni 34%) in the deep waters of the Zambezi, an area of about 5,000 square kilometres.

Development: the initial stages of the development programme targeted to the discovery of Coral and a part of the Mamba straddling resources. In November 2015, in accordance with the Legislative Decree approved in December 2014, which defines the tax regime for the Rovuma Basin and the rules for the onshore liquefaction projects, the licence holders of Area 4 (operated by Eni) and Area 1 (operated by Anadarko) signed a Unitization and Unit Operating Agreement (UUOA) that regulates the development of the Mamba and Prosperidade straddling gas reservoirs. In addition, the two operators jointly proposed to the authorities the allocation of onshore areas for the construction of liquefaction plants. The Mamba project foresees, in the initial stage, the construction of two onshore LNG trains with a combined capacity of 10 million tons/year and the drilling of 16 subsea wells, with start-up in 2022, for the production of 340 billion cubic metres of gas, according to the independent development plan but coordinated with the operator of Area1. The FID is expected in 2017. In February 2016, the development programme for the first phase of the Coral discovery was approved by the country’s Authorities. The project plans to bring 140 billion cubic metres of gas into production through the construction of a floating plant for the treatment, liquefaction and storage of gas (Floating LNG - FLNG) with a capacity of 3.4 million tons/year, supplied by 6 subsea wells with start-up in 2021. In September 2015, the project received an Environmental Licence at the end of a process of environmental and social assessment which involved local communities and authorities. A contract award recommendation was issued for the construction, installation and commissioning phases of the FLNG and the supply of subsea facilities, as well as the drilling rigs. A long-term LNG sales contract has also been finalised. The FID is expected in 2016, following the approval of all contracts and trade agreements by the Mozambican authorities and the project partners.

Offices & contacts

Exploration & Production

Eni East Africa – Mozambique Branch

Edificio JAT-V block 3 1st – 4th floors

Rua dos desportistas n.918

Maputo - Mozambique

Phone: +258 21344500/1

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