In detail:

  • the main activities related to the upstream sector in Kenya with offshore operations in three exploration blocks in the waters of the Lamu Basin
  • Eni offices and contacts in Kenya

Exploration & Production

Eni operates in Kenya since June 2012, through its subsidiary Eni Kenya BV, in three blocks in the deep offshore of the country, bordering on Somali waters, at depths ranging from 2,800m to 4,000m on a gross total area of 50,677 square kilometers, 43,948 net to Eni. Contracts in place include mandatory minimum investments in projects to benefit the region and its communities.

Eni has been building water wells in the Pate region since 2015. In order to provide communities with clean water and to improve existing wells, Eni Kenya set about installing a solar-powered desalination plant using the well in the village of Siyu. The plant was built in collaboration with the local government and the Kenyan Ministry of Energy and Petroleum. It was completed in December 2017 and became operational in March 2018 following acquisition of the necessary permits. Lamu County, one of Kenya's six coastal counties, has for some time endured serious issues accessing water. It has traditionally relied on traditional rainwater harvesting techniques and shallow wells and the often-contaminated water has led to a high rate of typhoid, E. coli and other illnesses.

Offices & contacts

Eni Kenya B.V - Kenya Branch
Eden Square Complex
Block 1
Chiromo Road
P. O. Box 856
00606 Nairobi
Tel. +254 709 993 401
Fax +254 709 993 272
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