In detail:

  • data on commercialization of natural gas on the Italian and European markets (mainly production and long-term contracts)
  • data on global wholesale natural gas marketing (mainly related to the LNG)
  • the table with data on sales of gas in the world

Supply of natural gas: 2016 keyfacts

In 2016, Eni’s consolidated subsidiaries supplied 82.64 bcm of natural gas, down by 2.75 bcm or 3.2% from 2015. Gas volumes supplied outside Italy from consolidated subsidiaries (76.64bcm), imported in Italy or sold outside Italy, represented approximately 93% of total supplies, down by 2.02 bcm or 2.6% from 2015. This reflected lower volumes purchased in Libya (down by 2.38 bcm), in Russia (down by 2.34 bcm) and in the Netherlands (down by 2.13 bcm), partially offset by higher purchases in Algeria (up by 6.85 bcm). Supplies in Italy (6 bcm) decreased by 10.8% from 2015 due to the production shutdown in the Val d’Agri district during the period AprilAugust 2016. In 2016, main gas volumes from equity production derived from:
  • Italian gas fields (4.5 bcm)
  • certain Eni fields located in the British and Norwegian sections of the North Sea (2.2 bcm)
  • Libyan fields (1.5 bcm)
  • the United States (1.4 bcm)
  • other European areas (0.2 bcm)
Considering also direct sales of the Exploration & Production segment and LNG supplied from the Bonny liquefaction plant in Nigeria, supplied gas volumes from equity production were approximately 15.02 bcm representing 17% of total volumes available for sale.

Sales of natural gas: 2016 keyfacts

In 2016, natural gas sales amounted to 88.93 bcm (including Eni’s own consumption, Eni’s share of sales made by equityaccounted entities and upstream sales in Europe and in the Gulf of Mexico), down by 1.95 bcm or 2.1% from the previous year, on the back of increasing competitive pressure and slight demand recovery. Sales in Italy (38.43 bcm) were barely unchanged from the full year 2015. Lower volumes sold, particularly in residential and wholesale segments were offset by higher spot volumes. Sales to importers in Italy decreased by 0.24 bcm or 5.2% from 2015, reflecting a lower availability of Libyan gas. Sales in the European markets amounted to 38.06 bcm, barely unchanged from the previous year.

Direct sales of the Exploration & Production segment in the Northern Europe and the United States (2.62 bcm) decreased compared to the previous year (3.16 bcm in 2015) due to lower sales in the United Kingdom and in the United States, partially offset by higher sales marketed in Norway. Sales in the Extra European markets were down by 0.94 bcm compared to the previous year, due to lower LNG volumes marketed in the Far East, due to the lack of contracts renewal.

Sales of LNG: 2016 keyfacts

In 2016, LNG sales (12.4 bcm) decreased from 2015 (down by 1.1 bcm), mainly due to lower volumes marketed in the Far East, lacking contracts renewal. In particular, LNG sales in the Gas & Power segment (8.1 bcm, included in worldwide gas sales) mainly concerned LNG from Qatar, Nigeria, Oman and Algeria and mainly marketed in Europe, the Far East, Kuwait and Egypt.

The table with data on sales of gas in the world

Naural gas sales by countrybcm
Direct sales86.31
Italy (including own consumption) 38.43
Wholesalers 3.83
Italian exchange for gas and spot market 17.08
Industries 4.54
Medium-sized enterprises and services 1.72
Power generation 0.77
Residential 4.39
Own consumption 6.10
Rest of Europe 42.43
Importers in italy 4.37
European markets 38.06
- The Iberian Peninsula 5.28
- Belgium 7.03
- Germany/Austria 7.81
- Hungary 0.93
- UK/Northern Europe 2.01
- Turkey 6.55
- France 7.42
- Greece 0.00
- Russia 0
- Switzerland 1.03
Outside Europe 5.45
- Argentina 0.18
- Brazil 0.00
- Japan 5.27
- USA 0.00
Sales through equity-accounted entities (Eni's share) 2.97
Italy 0.00
Rest of Europe 1.91
Importers in italy 0
European markets 1.91
- The Iberian Peninsula 1.74
- Germany/Austria 0.00
- France 0.00
- Greece 0.17
Outside Europe 1.06
- Argentina 0
- Far East 1.06
E&P SALES 2.62
Norway 1.71
The UK 0.61
The Gulf of Mexico 0.3
Worldwide gas sales 88.93
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