Eni for 2023 Sustainability Report

Moving towards a Just Transition

By Just Transition we mean a socially just and equitable energy transition, because we believe that the transition to a mix of clean energy sources must take into account the different availability of countries in terms of economic resources and geographical conditions.

    In designing and embarking on our path towards a just energy transition, we have been able to initiate a radical change, both industrial and cultural, focusing on scientific research and innovation, starting with the technologies we have developed.

    Claudio Descalzi, Eni’s Chief Executive Officer

    We know that the global challenges of the energy sector are interconnected. Thus, ensuring environmental and social sustainability will not be possible without security of supply and universal and sustainable access to energy.

    Eni for 2023 is our Sustainability Report and it chronicles Eni's journey towards a socially just transition.

      A year of commitments and results

      Watch the video and discover the sustainability highlights for 2023. To get to know all the results, you can download the full report.

      We create value in the long term for everyone

      Our Business Model integrates the principles of environmental and social sustainability at every level of the company, aiming at the best possible use of all the resources at our disposal (inputs) to transform them into outputs.

        We incorporate the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda into our activities worldwide.

        Our scope is articulated along three levers: operational excellence as an approach to transforming and valuing our people, carbon neutrality to 2050 understood as the total decarbonization of products and processes, and alliances for development as a means of creating and sharing value with local communities in our host countries.

          total GJ energy consumption

          * On 31 December 2023 and/or in 2023, unless stated otherwise.

          ** The people reached may have benefited from more than one initiative in different policy areas.

          *** The figure differs from that published in the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement (DNF)/in Eni for, as it does not include only fully consolidated companies.

          Innovation, digitization and cyber security

          Underlying our strategy and transformation plan is an integrated approach to technological innovation, which proposes multiple solutions for the energy transition. We rely on diversified competences, advanced engineering skills and digital tools, but also on the synergy between internal research, partnerships and external collaborations to accelerate the development of technologies that can contribute to the transition, energy security and sustainability.

            Adnan Chughtai

            Adnan Chughtai, based in London, oversees all partnerships with technology providers and manages the technology road map.

            Enivibes is a technology company which Eni holds a majority stake in together with intellectual property for pipeline monitoring. Its technology allows operators to detect small leaks that tend to be undetectable with conventional methods to limit their impact on the environment.

            Case study
            Eni's commitment to Research and Development

            Research and technological innovation are key to make access to energy resources more efficient and effective, reducing the carbon footprint.

            Carbon neutrality by 2050

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            Operational excellence

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            Alliances for development

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            Eni for 2023 - A Just Transition
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