In detail:

  • data on supply and trading of petrochemical products and the launch of Eni Diesel + fuel
  • Eni’s refining throughputs in Italy and outside Italy

Supply and Trading: 2016 key facts

In 2016, were purchased 23.35 mmtonnes of crude oil (compared to 24.80 mmtonnes in 2015), of which 3.43 mmtonnes by equity crude oil, 18.04 mmtonnes on the spot market and 1.88 mmtonnes by producer countries with term contracts. The breakdown by geographic area was as follows: approximately 43% of purchased crude came from the Russian Commonwealth, 30% from the Middle East, 12% from Italy, 11% from North Africa, 1% from West Africa, 1% from North Sea and 2% from other areas.

In January 2016 Eni launched the new Eni Diesel + fuel that contains about 15,000 renewable components produced from vegetable oils at the refinery in Venice through EcofiningTM technology in about 3,500 service stations in Italy. Eni Diesel + combines the performance features of the latest generation premium fuel (engine elongation, performance improvement and fuel consumption up to 4%) to reduce environmental impact (CO2 emissions reduction averaged 5%, hydrocarbons Unburned up to 40% and particulate up to 20%).

Refining in Italy and outside Italy: 2016 key facts

In 2016, Eni’s refining throughputs in Europe were 24.52 mmtonnes, down by 7.2 % from 2015 due to lower availability of domestic crude oil driven by the shutdown of the Val d’Agri field at the Taranto plant, as well as other planned maintenance turnarounds (Livorno and Milazzo), partially offset by higher volumes processed at Sannazzaro despite the incident occurred in December 2016. On a homogeneous basis, when excluding the impact of the disposal of CRC refinery in the Czech Republic finalized on April 30, 2015, refining throughputs reported a decrease of 4.5% compared to 2015.

  • In Italy, the decreasing of refinery throughputs (down by 4.9%) was caused by the same drivers mentioned above. In the full year 2016, volumes of biofuels produced from vegetable oil at the Venice Green Refinery increased by 5% from 2015.
  • Outside Italy, Eni’s refining throughputs were 2.91 mmtonnes, down by 0.78 mmtonnes or 21.1% from the previous year, mainly due to the above mentioned divestment in the Czech Republic finalized in the second quarter of 2015.
  • Total throughputs in wholly-owned refineries were 17.37 mmtonnes, down by 1 mmtonnes or 5.4% compared with 2015. The refinery utilization rate, ratio between throughputs and refinery capacity, is 89.5%. Approximately 14.8% of processed crude was supplied by Eni’s Exploration & Production segment, down by 6 percentage points from 2015 (20.4%).
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