Eni’s strategic transformation in Gas & Power
Eni’s strategy transformation aims to strengthen the company and to face future scenarios in a sustainable way, while continuing to create value for the shareholders. We plan to optimise logistics costs, to adjust the portfolio of gas supply to market price and to launch competitive products on the market.

Profit and simplification of operations

In 2016 Eni foresees a slight increase in demand in the Gas & Power sector, albeit far from the pre-crisis levels in a world where competition for carbon and renewable energy sources continues to be fierce. Over the next few years, the general situation of oversupply will be intensified by the current slowdown of the Chinese economy, Europe playing an increasingly important role, where over 60% of consumption is exchanged. Our priority is productivity and the generation of sustainable cashflow earnings, by means of the following interventions: 
  • a complete adjustment of the portfolio of gas supply at market price
  • simplification of operations and optimisation of logistics costs, saving €300 million by 2019
  • a renewed focus, both in the B2B segment and in markets with greater profit margins by launching innovative products
  • an improvement in trading activities and LNG in the light of the recent upstream discoveries.
Our management foresees that such action will result in a cumulative cashflow of €2.8 billion between 2016 and 2019.

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REMIT Regulation

Eni complies with the rules outlined in the REMIT register created to oversee the integrity and transparency of wholesale energy markets.
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