Eni's agreements for the mobility of the future

A network of public and private partnerships for the development of new synergies within the transport chain applying the principles of decarbonization.

A mix of solutions supported by agreements with companies and public entities

To Eni, the decarbonization of transport is based on integrating synergy and complementarity with the best available technologies, adopting a multidisciplinary approach that can accelerate the achievement of carbon neutrality. Within this framework, the consolidation of public and private partnerships is crucial in order to develop synergies along the whole chain, by leveraging proprietary assets.

From reusing agri-food waste in the production of advanced biofuels to the creation of electric charging points, to experimentation with hydrogen and a battery swapping service for electric city cars: the future of mobility is achieved through the widest possible collaboration between all players involved in this challenge.

Vettura Enjoy Xev

Enjoy and XEV: car sharing becomes electric thanks to YOYO city car

As well as Fiat 500 and Fiat Doblò cars, XEV YOYO electric cars with a battery swapping service at Eni Live Stations will soon be available to Enjoy clients.

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Enel X e Be Charge: the offering of electric charging points is expanding

In December 2021 Enel X, Be Charge, a subsidiary of Eni gas e luce (renamed Plenitude from 2022), and Eni enabled interoperability between their networks, giving the opportunity to access easily the country's largest charging network. In August 2021, Eni gas e luce acquired Be Power S.p.A. that, through the subsidiary Be Charge, is now the second largest Italian operator, with over 5,000 charging points for electric vehicles on public land. Moreover, thanks to a previous co-branding agreement with Be Charge, signed in February 2021, Eni gas e luce has become the leading operator for electric vehicle charging on public land, private land with public access and Eni service stations in Italy and abroad.


Building the future of transport, together

We are expanding the network of collaborations with Italian and international companies in order to pool experience and skills in sustainable mobility.

From used cooking oil (UCO) to bio-refineries.

Together with public waste collection companies and sector consortia companies, we recover used cooking oil and reuse it in bio-refineries to produce high-quality biofuels.