Sustainable mobility

Innovative solutions, technology and projects to reduce our environmental impact and increase efficiency for consumers.

Mobilità sostenibile: gli scarti come energia del futuro

Sustainable mobility: waste as the energy of the future

The new present and future scenarios of biofuels and the evolution of service stations.

20 May 2021
Nuove tecnologie per la mobilità

New technologies for sustainable transport

Eni plays a leading role in the decarbonization of transport thanks to its proprietary technologies and strategic agreements, through which it will contribute to making mobility increasingly sustainable and circular.

byEni Staff
07 June 2021
11 min read

Bio-refining is circular

The advanced HVO biofuel we produce in Venice and Gela is made from organic raw materials.

04 November 2019
Dal Waste al Fuel: E se i rifiuti organici che produciamo ogni giorno diventassero energia?

FUTURA#2 – From Waste to Fuel

What if our daily organic rubbish was turned into energy? Thanks to the new Waste-to-Fuel technology...

14 July 2020