Kenya's green dream

Rich in resources, with wide access to electricity and a strong drive toward renewables, Kenya is among the most dynamic and innovative countries in East Africa when it comes to energy. The coronavirus pandemic marked a heavy setback for the Kenyan economy in 2020: the International Monetary Fund has estimated a contraction of 0.1 percent in GDP for 2020, which interrupts a decade of very sustained growth (5.8 percent on average in the period 2010-2019). However, as early as 2021, GDP should return to run at higher rates than those seen pre-crisis. Indeed, Kenya’s economy is dynamic, open to private investment; from energy to agriculture, it is highly diversified. This aspect makes it resilient in facing the health challenge. On the energy front, Kenya aims to strengthen its commitment to the transition with a long-term initiative, through the promotion of new investment models with the support of OECD countries. Assessment of Kenya’s energy and economic environment cannot disregard issues of ethnicity and political challenges. Kenya is a heavyweight in sub-Saharan Africa, with a very strong regional role. 

The thousand faces of Kenya: photogallery

Louis Nderi's reportages reveal the many worlds that make up the country. Initiatives and projects are influenced by tradition and modernity, while art draws on the stimulating cultural environment.

He is a photographer born in Kenya and raised in southern Africa. The focus of his work is environmental portraiture with the intention of exposing and questioning the evolution of nature and culture in all its forms. His projects focus on people chosen on the basis of their vocation or among communities. His reportages are particularly striking for the almost intimate relationship that is created between the subject and the photographer.

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