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Below is an excerpt from the letter to Shareholders published in the 2021 Integrated Annual Report, jointly signed by Lucia Calvosa, Chairman and Claudio Descalzi, CEO.

Dear Shareholders,

Eni is following with great attention and deep condolences the dramatic events of the conflict in Ukraine and participates in the pain of people involved. In a context characterized by a potential huge “disruptions” in the raw material markets, we are making great efforts with institutions and our partners to ensure the security of energy supplies to Italy and our customers around the world in order to guarantee the normal course of civil life and the economy. In recent months, international gas supplies have run unineterrupted, thanks also to our diversified portfolio; in any case, our company is preparing to manage possible extreme scenarios, leveraging on the flexibility of gas supplies in our portfolio, on the availability of infrastructures and important volumes of LNG, on the long-term relations with producing Countries overlooking the Mediterranean area.