In detail:

  • Eni’s activities in Belgium
  • Eni offices and contacts in Belgium

Gas & LNG Marketing and Power

In line with the rationalization of gas retail business portfolio, in 2017 Eni completed the disposal of the Gas & Power retail activities in Belgium to Eneco relating to approximately 850,000 electricity and gas connection points, representing a market share of around 10%. In 2017, sales in Benelux were mainly directed to industrial companies, power generation and wholesalers and amounted to 5.06 bcm, down by 1.97 bcm, or 28% compared to 2016, due to lower spot sales.

Refining & Marketing

Through the subsidiary Eni Benelux, which is part of Refining & Marketing, eni operates in the lubricants market, with a wide range of specialties, also in Belgium thanks to retailers and direct sales. Total sales of lubricants in 2017amounted to 13 kton.

Offices and contacts

Eni European Government Affairs
Avenue des Arts 56
1000 Bruxelles
Tel. (0032) 2 3572690

Eni Finance International S.A.
rue Guimard 1A
1040 Bruxelles
Tel. (0032) 2 5510380

Banque Eni S.A.
rue Guimard 1A
1040 Bruxelles
Tel. (0032) 2 5511970

Eni Benelux BV
Schouwburgplein 30-34
3012 CL Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. (0031) 10 29 41 555

Eni Trading & Shipping S.p.A. (Belgian Branch)
rue Guimard 1A
1040 Bruxelles


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