Agip becomes Eni

In the 69 countries in which Eni operates the perception of the six-legged dog is associated with the values of innovation, culture, sustainability, efficiency and above all partnership.
It is precisely this way of approaching the complex scenarios of today and tomorrow that has led to a re-evaluation of the very idea of energy, and a recovery of the dynamics of relations between the individual, society and the environment.

The privatization process and an increasingly competitive market have led the company to reconsider itself as a single entity operating in a variety of sectors.

What emerges is a profile of a company that listens, responds to the needs of the territory and is open to a changing market, but that speaks with one voice and a single brand.

The experience and values of Agip and Eni have merged into a single identity. Our “dog”, linked to the name Eni, is the ideal synthesis with which to sign all our actions, from the service station to the supply of gas and electricity, and from oil production fields to the Stock Exchange.

The adoption of a single name and brand gives us the possibility of creating greater internal cohesion and, consequently, under the symbol of the six-legged dog, better cultural homogeneity and a unifying corporate identity. An improved internal cohesion that will allow for the integration of the downstream business thanks to the numerous market opportunities that Eni can seize.

The six-legged dog comes out of its frame, it moves, and is projected on to a new corporate reality.
The typeface is original way and lower case, to emphasize the closeness and the equal relationship that Eni wants to establish with its stakeholders. For the first time the logo has become interactive and broken down in order to more effectively emphasise the corporate character: open, dynamic, integrated.

The dialectic between continuity and discontinuity underpins the entire journey towards this point, and represents the effort to bring Eni’s extraordinary legacy up to date, while giving it back its intrinsic contemporary-ness and ferrying the company towards future horizons.

The new profile portrays the company as a listener, responding to the needs of the territory and open to continuously changing markets.

Last updated on 10/02/17